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Acts of Kindness by Heather Barnett – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Acts of Kindness by Heather Barnett

Genre: Mystery
Source: Rachel Random Resources
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Serpentine Books

About The Book

Dream Job. Fresh Start.
Big Mistake.
When Bella Black arrives in a sleepy Wiltshire village, it seems like the perfect place for a new start: a lovely home, exciting job and an attractive colleague or two to take her mind off her recent divorce.When people start disappearing, she realises she holds the key to a mystery bigger than she could have ever imagined.Who is really pulling the strings at the secretive OAK Institute? Can anyone be trusted?
Will Bella make the right choices before its too late.

My Thoughts

Bella Black needs a change in her life, so when a big company offers her an amazing job at the Wiltshire village, she knows she can’t refuse, it’s the fresh start she was waiting for. Everything seems perfect; good neighbors, friendly co-workers, charming people… But then she discovers that people are disappearing at the office, what’s really happening in this village? Who is behind the missing people?
This had been a very interesting read, easy to enter to the story and keep turning pages; the characters are a big part of the book, each one with their own background and possible motivations to be part of the mystery. But you’ll keep guessing till the end, are the people doing good because they are kind or because they have a hidden motive? This will pop in your mind repeatedly, and it shows the real human nature, the good and the bad people, the ones who want to help against the ones who only want profit and benefit. This is a story that will keep the reader entertained; humour, mystery, interesting characters… This is an easy read, but it has a deep core that will stay with you for a while, because even if this is fiction, human nature is not and there are good and bad people around us. What type are you?
Are you ready for “Acts of Kindness”?

About The Author

Heather Barnett gained a degree in English and French from the University of Leeds and has written ever since: from copywriting to stand-up comedy and sketches. She is now focusing on writing novels. Heather’s influences span Jane Austen and Douglas Adams at one end of the alphabet through to PG Wodehouse at the other.Heather’s debut novel, Acts of Kindness, is an uplifting, light-hearted mystery. It was inspired by witnessing commuters helping a woman who’d fallen down the stairs at Paddington station; intermingled with wondering what was behind some grand stone gateposts that she used to drive past in Wiltshire.Her second novel, Lord Seeks Wife, is a romantic comedy and will be published summer 2021.Aside from writing, Heather’s interests are classic literature, cats and comedy.Heather is head of marketing at an agency near Oxford and lives by the river Kennet in Berkshire


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