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Turtle Rescue: A Wild Adventure to Save Our Sea Life by Jonny Marx and Xuan Le

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Turtle Rescue: A Wild Adventure to Save Our Sea Life by Jonny Marx and Xuan Le

Genre: Picture Book
Rating: 5/5
Publisher: Little Tiger

About The Book

Join Flora and Fauna, the world’s GREATEST explorers, as they hang up their ice picks, put down their rucksacks and enjoy a well-deserved holiday. When the sea turtles stop showing up to lay their eggs in the golden sands, however, Flora and Fauna are called into action. They must sail to the reef to investigate, but it looks like an ENORMOUS storm is brewing…With flaps and paper effects throughout, who knows what WILD creatures they’ll find along the way.

My Thoughts

As the title says, this is an adventure, the adventure of Flora and Fauna; the world’s greatest explorers! It is not always easy to teach little ones interesting facts about nature, so the easy way is to teach them with an engaging and colorful story, to keep them interested with small details to make them learn new things.
This book has all the ingredients to make any child interested in turtles and the sea; at the same time it teaches our little ones of the danger of plastic and not protecting the environment for the sea creatures.
This is a book with flaps and beautiful illustrations, easy to get lost in the details and the textures of the drawings, the story makes the reader part of the adventure, the mystery to discover new things and creatures; and in the end to find the turtles! I loved the detail of the names of the characters, Flora and Fauna, or the name of the boat they are traveling; The Friend-ship! 
There are so many details in this book that we will re-read it a few times at home to discover everything with my little one, this is one of his favorite books right now!
This is a great book to enjoy looking at the sea and travel to this wild adventure!

About The Author

Xuan Le

Was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She studied fashion design and graphic design and has many years of experience working on children’s books and magazines for local and foreign publishers. Her creative inspiration comes from a lot of things in life, especially the colours and structures in nature. She also likes to make miniature paper craft, short animation and learn about music production.

Jonny Marx

Lives in London, where he works as a children’s book editor and author. From a compendium of mythical monsters and a chronology of prehistoric creatures, to books about crime capers, lost unicorns, incredible human beings and humankind, Jonny has worked on more than 60 titles (and counting!).

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