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The Khan by Saima Mir – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

The Khan by Saima Mir

Genre: Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 5/5
Publisher: Point Blank

About The Book

Be twice as good as men and four times as good as white men. Jia Khan has always lived like this. Successful London lawyer Jia Khan is a long way from the grubby Northern streets she knew as a child, where her father, Akbar Khan, led the Pakistani community and ran the local organised crime syndicate.
Often his Jirga rule – the old way – was violent and bloody, but it was always justice of a kind. Now, with her father murdered, Jia must return to take his place.
The police have always relied on the Khan to maintain the fragile order of the streets.But a bloody power struggle has broken out among warring communities and nobody is safe. Justice needs to be restored, and Jia is about to discover that justice always comes at a cost.

My Thoughts

I am speechless, this book has moved me so much that it has taken me a while to put all my emotions and thoughts in order to make a review, amazing! The Khan is a story about family, love and loyalty but also about vengeance, racism and justice. I don’t think I’ve read any book that has so many emotions in it for a while; showing first hand what racism means or being bullied for your skin, religion or genre. Because, in the muslim world it is difficult to accept the leadeership of a woman and this is what our main character Jia Khan will have to face all her life. She wants to be someone but no one around her likes a woman to be a leader. When her father is killed, she will do anything to discover who did it and try to reinstate the peace he always created with the Jirga law. But is she ready to apply the Jirga law? “Every action has a reason, a measured reason. If you wait long enough, time reveals it”T he story is told in a slow pace at the beginning mixing the present with memories from the past, good times until they were not… These memories are the ones that will connect all the story and make it full. I didn’t understand at the beginning why there were so many flashbacks, but in the end it made sense, to know how everything and everyone changed after all the darkness that the Khan family had been surrounded by.
I was intrigued with this book from the beginning and now, after reading it, I can say that I loved it. It’s a difficult and dark read, to make the reader think about racism and the world we live in; maybe it’s time to make a change, a big change, enough of being marked for being different, don’t you think?
“The Khan” is a powerful book, amazing and twisted. Are you ready?

About The Author

Saima Mir has written for The Times, Guardian and Independent. Her essay for It’s Not About The Burqa (Picador) appeared in Guardian Weekend and received over 250,000 hits online in two days. She has also contributed to the anthology The Best, Most Awful Job: Twenty Mothers Talk Honestly About Motherhood. Saima grew up in Bradford and now lives in London.


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