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Mimic by Daniel Cole – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

All the Fun of the Fair by Caroline Hulse

Genre: Thriller
Source: Compulsive Readers
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Trapeze Books

About The Book

In life she was his muse . . .
In death she’ll be his masterpiece 1989. DS Benjamin Chambers and DC Adam Winters are on the trail of a serial killer with a twisted passion for recreating the world’s greatest works of art through the bodies of his victims. After Chambers nearly loses his life, the case goes cold due to lack of evidence. The killer lies dormant, his collection unfinished.
Seven years later.
DS Marshall has excelled through the ranks of the Metropolitan Police Service, despite being haunted by the case that defined her teenage years. She obtains new evidence and joins Chambers and Winters to reopen the case. However, their resurrected investigation brings about a fresh reign of terror, the team treading a fine line between justice and vigilante in pursuit of a monster far more dangerous and intelligent than any of them had anticipated.

My Thoughts

I always wondered how police detectives can face the day to day when one of their cases gets blocked, without clues or possible suspects and risking their lives to discover the killer. It doesn’t have to be easy to bottle up the emotions and rage and continue your life like the case never happened, don’t you think? This is the story of DS Benjamin Chambers and DC Adam Winters, in 1989 they were investigating a serial killer who used the body of the victims to create “art”, but now 7 years later the case is cold and they both have followed different paths but they haven’t forgotten the case. So, when the young DS Marshall says that there’s a new lead and the three of them can investigate the case again, they would never expect that the killer will re-start again with the killings.
This is a dark and gruesome book, full of details and a twisted investigation; addictive and with dark humor that will make any crime lover become invested in the story!
I started reading Daniel Cole with his previous series Ragdoll; and this book hasn’t disappoint me at all! It has the dark edge from the previous series, but with new detectives and a twisted and dangerous killer to catch. Really, what more can we ask?
I listened this book as an audiobook and it was like being part of the story, immersed in the dark world of Mimic and afraid of what will happen next!
Are you ready to enter Mimic?

About The Author

Daniel Cole is the Sunday Times bestselling author of the Ragdoll trilogy, which has now been published in over thirty countries. A TV adaption is currently in the works and his fourth novel is due to be published late-summer 2021. He has worked as a paramedic, an animal protection officer, and with the beach lifeguards, but for the past five years has been describing himself on paperwork as a ‘full-time writer’.
He lives on the south coast of England and divides his time between the beach and the forest.

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