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Earthlings by Ray Star – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Earthlings by Ray Star

Genre: Yound Adult, Dystopian, Adventure
Source: Midas PR
Rating: 5/5
Publisher: Chronos Publishing

About The Book

Peridot has lived a sheltered life. Raised on a remote island off the coast of England by an overprotective mother, Peri has never left the comfort of her home or met another child before. Until the night of her thirteenth birthday, when a strange boy appears at her window, filthy and malnourished, claiming to have escaped captivity from the mainland. Her mother insists that the ways of the world are to remain concealed until her sixteenth birthday, but she unveils why they live in hiding, the mainland isn’t safe for their kind – they are born of magick. Not magic from stories and fables, but real magick from the days of old. The power to control earth, air, fire, water and spirit; an Elemental. On her quest to learn the truth, Peridot leaves the island on her sixteenth birthday only to finally comprehend why the truth was kept from her. Life on the mainland is unlike anything she could have fathomed possible, humanity is enslaved, and the remaining species are in charge. Peridot finds herself thrown into a world she wasn’t prepared for, caught amongst an ongoing battle between those trying to save humanity and the tyrants seeking to keep them enslaved. Struggling to command magickal abilities she doesn’t fully understand or know how to control. Her abilities may be the helping hand needed to save humanity from an awful way of life, but at what cost? Within Peridot’s grasp is the chance to save the world, and earth knows, the world needs saving…

My Thoughts

Can you imagine a world where the animals rule the world? Eating and using humans? This is the world of Earthlings, a dystopian world where anything is possible but only a human/animal alliance can change it. Ready?
I’ll start saying that this is the first book of a series (trilogy?), so, it has a cliffhanger at the end, of course! But believe me, even knowing this I couldn’t resist to dig in and discover the amazing world the author, Ray Star, has created.
In this story we have two human main characters and multiple animals to accompany them, Peri and Euan. They will not share much adventures in this first book, they will show us how they meet and how Peri’s world will change after meeting him. Because, the world has changed, but Peri is isolated in a remote island and nothing from the outside can enter, so she thinks the world is like we know… normally in a weird way. So, discovering magic, talking animals and cruelty will become something that will mark her forever.
I really don’t want to spoil much of the plot, just believe me, even if I am not vegan it makes me think about how we really treat the animals we share the space in this world. We are really cruel, don’t you think? Maybe with this book, asidee from giving the reader an amazing story to enjoy, it will make us change how to make the animal’s life easier and change a little bit about how we treat them.
I really can’t wait to read the second volume of this series, I loved it!
Are you ready to discover the “Earthlings”?

About The Author

Rays passion for writing comes hand in hand with a passion for animals and the environment which prompted the creation of the Earthlings trilogy. Earthlings is Rays debut novel with a prequel to follow shortly after the trilogy is complete.
It is Rays dream to open The Peridot Animal Sanctuary and Wildlife Reserve in England and that dream inspired the Earthlings trilogy to life.

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