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A Narrow Door by Joanne Harris – Blog Tour

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A Narrow Door by Joanne Harris

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Compulsive Readers
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Orion Publishing

About The Book

Now I’m in charge, the gates are my gates. The rules are my rules.
It’s an incendiary moment for St Oswald’s school. For the first time in its history, a headmistress is in power, the gates opening to girls.
Rebecca Buckfast has spilled blood to reach this position. Barely forty, she is just starting to reap the harvest of her ambition. As the new regime takes on the old guard, the ground shifts. And with it, the remains of a body are discovered.
But Rebecca is here to make her mark. She’ll bury the past so deep it will evade even her own memory, just like she has done before. After all…
You can’t keep a good woman down.

My Thoughts

I’ll start saying that I’ve always studied in the public education and I’ve always been against schools with only one genre; boys or girls, society is for women and men, if we don’t work together since the beginning we’ll never have equality.
This is a book for the change; the head of the St Oswald’s Academy, Rebecca Buckfast, is ready to change the future. The St Oswald’s Grammar School for Boys is no longer for boys only, now there are boys and girls at the school and it has a female headteacher, her.
But the story will not be told only from Rebecca perspective, but from one of the teachers too, Roy Straitley, who is struggling with the recent changes and misses some of his old students.
Of course, everything will change when a body will appear, making the story more complicated, mixing the past and the present and different stories intertwined; but don’t worry, the story is well plotted and twisted to make any reader impossible to stop reading.
This is the last chapter of the series “St Owald’s”, I would highly recommend to read the previous books, you’ll understand better the characters and how they have changed through the time, and how a change is needed.
This is a very interesting read, as always, Joanne Harris, makes the reader invested in the story and intrigued in what will happen next, believe me, it’s addictive!
Are you ready for “A Narrow Door”?

About The Author

Joanne Harris is the internationally renowned and award-winning author of eighteen novels, plus novellas, scripts, short stories, libretti, lyrics, articles, and most recently, a self-help book for writers, TEN THINGS ABOUT WRITING. In 2000, her 1999 novel CHOCOLAT was adapted to the screen, starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. She is an honorary Fellow of St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, and is Chair of the Society of Authors.
Her hobbies are listed in Who’s Who as ‘mooching, lounging, strutting, strumming, priest-baiting and quiet subversion’. She is active on Twitter, where she writes stories and gives writing tips as @joannechocolat; she posts weekly writing seminars on YouTube; she performs in a live music and storytelling show with the #Storytime Band; and she works from a shed in her garden at her home in Yorkshire.
She also has a form of synaesthesia which enables her to smell colours. Red, she says, smells of chocolate.


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