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Plnts Shop Review!

Today, I want to introduce you Plnts, a beautiful online store that sells you all type of plants; big and small with all the accessories you need to keep them healthy and beautiful!
I discovered this shop searching for rare plants, in Ireland I can’t find an extensive variety of plants, so, searching on the net, for “rare” plants, I was directed to Plnts.
I am sure you’ll be asking what is special from this shop and why I decided to try them, firstly I always look for small plants, I love seeing them grow, like babies, how you grow with them!

If you take a deep look at the page you’ll see that there are three main sections; baby plants, rare plants and care products. Of course, I couldn’t resist to buy a rare baby plant, it was too much temptation to resist!
I’ll say from the beginning that the prices of rare plants are not cheap, but not super expensive, so I decided to buy 2 of their beautiful plants.
The Jewel Orchid; that grows in nature on the ground in the forest or along rivers and loves high humidity. For now, it seems that it’s loving our home climate and has not died yet.

The Prince of Orange; it’s a Philodendron and is not as “orange” as you can see in the shop, but it has a beautiful colour and again, is still alive! So I am excited to see how big this beautiful plant can grow.

I’ll admit that I was so excited with my new plants that I didn’t make any photos of all the protection that came with the plants; and believe me, they were totally protected! Also, there was an option at the moment to pay, to add a heatpack to protect the plants during the shipment, and I thought it could be useful!

There’s one thing that I really like about this shop, there’s a 30 days guarantee refund policy, if any PLNT does not reach the health standards you expect they’ll refund you. A very trustworthy option in case you are afraid of buying online plants. Also, the time shipment was exact, I received the plants in the 4th day after the purchase, with the post, so I can’t complain either!


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