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PLAYin CHOC – Organic Chocolate Box

I have to admit that since I decided to update my blog more frequently and with different things like in the beginning I am enjoying it much more! It’s so fun discovering new products and sharing them with you!
So, today I am sharing a small foodie product, the “PLAYin CHOC“, perfect for the little ones! It’s the same idea as the famous Kinder Egg, but sustainable and for any kid; because its dairy, nut, gluten free and vegan!
I saw this small box a long time ago in a fair; but I didn’t have the chance to taste it or see how a kid reacted to it.
We bought it because we were looking for a small thing for my little one to play but not expensive; the “Playin Choc” meets all the criteria and my son was super excited with it.

So, when you open this small box, you’ll find: Two yummy chocolates, a small cardboard toy dinosaur and some detailed information about the animal you get!

The chocolate was really yummy, perfect size and sweet but not too much.

The dinosaur was fun to mount and now my friend take it anywhere!

And I loved that the dinosaur had some information in it; perfect to make my little one interested in reading and to learn more about nature!

There are a lot of different animal collections to choose, in my store they only had the dinosaur; but I’ll be looking if they have new collections the next time I go, don’t doubt it.

I think this is a great product for children, a way to allow our little ones to eat chocolate without feeling guilty! Also, it has won plenty of awards, so I think I am not the only one who thinks that this is a great product! 😉
Do you like chocolate? What type of snacks do you allow your little one to eat?


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