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Sisterhood by V.B Grey – Book Review

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Sisterhood by V.B Grey

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Bookends
Rating: 5/5
Publisher: Quercus

About The Book

Identical twin sisters Freya and Shona take very different paths, leading to long-buried family secrets that reverberate through the generations in this thrilling novel of psychological suspense by the author of Tell Me How It Ends. There are some choices you can’t come back from.
It is 1944 in war-battered London. Freya and Shona are identical twins, close despite their different characters. Freya is a newly qualified doctor treating the injured in an East End hospital, while Shona has been recruited by the SOE. The sisters are so physically alike that they can fool people into thinking that one is the other. It’s a game they’ve played since childhood. But when Shona persuades her twin to swap roles to meet her Polish lover, he is angered at being tricked.
Then Shona proposes a far more dangerous swapping of roles. At first Freya refuses but finally she agrees, with consequences that threaten not only the happiness but the lives of both sisters.
Forty-five years later in November 1989 Freya, now aged 69, is watching television with her daughter Kirsty. Freya is gripped as she witnesses crowds of Berliners attempting to knock down their hated Wall. This sight stirs memories of her own and her sister’s war, especially the tragedy of the Warsaw Uprising – memories that she has never shared with anyone. Even if she wanted to reveal them now, she can’t. She’s suffering from a brain tumour and is unable to speak although her reason is unimpaired. And this is what she’s thinking: if they succeed in knocking down the Wall, what secrets will come tumbling through? If her own were revealed, it would be devastating for all those close to her, especially her daughter, Kirsty.

My Thoughts

I will be honest with you, I loved this book; it’s a love story, it’s a mystery, and had all the ingredients to keep me reading till the last page and adore every word.
It’s not easy to come up with a fresh new idea nowadays, everything seems created and repeated a thousand times; but sometimes it’s not the story that’s important in the book but the characters that are telling it. Because, a woman doctor that tries to save someone is not really special, but if you say that it was in the middle of the war and to save the love of her sister everything will change…
This is the story of two identical twin sisters, Freya and Shona, they choose different paths in life but they always have a special connection. So, when Shona asks for the impossible, Freya can’t say no; changing their life forever.
The story is told between two time lines; London 1989 and 1944, and between two different characters, Freya and her daughter Kirsty. How Kirsty starts discovering the secrets her distant mother has been keeping from her all of her life.
I’ll have to say that I felt connected with Kirsty, my mum was a fighter and I know she kept some secrets from me that were never revealed, and now it’s too late… But Kirsty is ready to discover all these family secrets before it’s too late and believe me, she will!
This is a bittersweet read, beautifully written and emotive; it will make you think about all the lives that war changed and the pain that it caused.
A fantastic book that will never leave me, “The Sisterhood” will be in my top ten this year. Are you ready for it?

About The Author

V.B. Grey is the pseudonym of the acclaimed British crime writer Isabelle Grey. Tell Me How It Ends is a tense psychological drama inspired by such noir movies as All About Eve and Laura, set in London and Rome in 1963. Her latest novel Sisterhood will be published out in August 2021.

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