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Snap Fit Card Game by Cheatwell

Let’s be honest right now, choosing a game to play with our children is difficult, there are so many to choose that in the end you get overwhelmed with options and leave without knowing what to buy. I am a little biased in the world of card games, I always trust Cheatwell games, they are original and make my son happy every time we play with their creations. So, when I saw the game card “Snap Fit” I couldn’t resist to buy it and play it at home!

First of all, this is a game to laugh and not to play seated in a table, you’ll probably fall or get dizzy… but believe me, you’ll have a lot of fun while playing with it! Also, the cards have some children illustrations doing some fun movements, ready to show what you have to do! 😉

There are 11 different cards repeated 5 times each; the point to the game is to get moving all the time. So, it doesn’t matter how many players join the game; you have to give all the cards and start moving until you find someone that is moving like you. Once you have found someone moving like you, the one who said first “Snap Fit” and takes the looser’s card. It can seem repetitive, but once you start moving and see how the other players “move” you’ll not be able to stop laughing! Also, any little one playing will burn so many energy that they will go to sleep quite early, believe me!

We also tried to play with it like a Memory, not putting all the 55 cards, only 44 and put all them on the floor; as in all the memory games, you have to turn the cards and when you find a matching card you have to make the movement for 10 seconds to win it! It’s not as funny as the original game, but this way we make our little one to focus on the cards too and work with his “memory”!

If you are wondering for the price of the cards, they have the perfect price for all the happy hours you’ll have with them, believe me!. Also you can find them on Amazon or Cheatwell page.

Do you have any favorite card games? Do you have any brand that you always trust? Tell me!


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