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Momentix MotionKit

Who doesn’t love to play like a child from time to time?

I love to play with games, that’s why I am always looking for new and original toys for my son and why today I am sharing with you the Momentix MotionKit.
I am sure you don’t know that the Momentix MotionKit is recommended from 5 to 99 years old, anyone would love to play with it and spend hours and hours creating amazing circuits at home.

You’ll only need the basic set and be creative; there are some cards included to help in your creations, but I think that once you’ll start understanding the process you’ll not need them!
Included there are 22 pieces, 1000 card combinations, and an online progression of increasingly difficult challenges strike the perfect balance between structure and freedom to keep anyone engaged. Also, if you are wondering, the motionKit is made from wood and wood manufacturing waste. 

This is a “game” but also a way to teach your kids with: Resilience, Creativity + Divergent thinking, Collaboration and Problem-solving. You know that the best way to learn is playing and having fun, don’t you think?
The only problem is that for now this is only a Kickstarter project! It’s already funded, but you’ll not be able to play with it till May 2022… So, while you wait for this STEM toy, you can watch all the funny videos the creators had make! 😉

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