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Aura Print – Product Review

Do you know that in the Asian culture a business card is a way to show the potential partners that you are serious? And to appear at a meeting without a business card does almost irreparable damage to the business relationship; it is tantamount to refusing to shake hands at a Western business meeting.
That’s why I think that a card is the best way to show who you are and what you are doing; it doesn’t matter if you just have started your business, it’s the best way to present yourself to your future buyers or partners.
I am sure you’ve seen lots of publicity on how to make “cheap” cards, but let’s be honest, if you want to be taken seriously in your business your card has to say something too; to be remembered.

I’ve had my own card since I was little, in the beginning it was just for my penpal friends, my handwriting is not very “beautiful” so, it was easier to give a card if someone wanted to wrote letters to me. But right now, my card is my business face, the only thing my future partners will see when they’ll be working with me. So, it has to be special but direct, simple but memorable. I know that this is easier said than done, that’s why today I want to share with you a very interesting page to create your own cards; professional and the special touch you need to be remembered, on Aura Print.

Of course, before you start creating your card, you need to know what type of card do you want to create; and believe me this is really important! There are so many types to choose that if you don’t have a clear idea it can be overwhelming, but that’s why in Aura Print they have a direct way to ask all types of questions in every step of the process. Even, they can create your design if you are not really sure what do you want to have in your card, also, there’s a live chat to ask any question you have and get an answer at the moment!

So, let’s talk a little about creating your “perfect” card, you have to like it, to be proud of it, it’s your business photo; so remember to follow your instincts of what you want and need to make your business card different from the other ones.

First you should decide the “form” of your card, seems an easy decision but it’s not… Square, landscape, folded, die cut… I always like double sided cards, one side with the business name and the other with all the important details, but this is a personal choice, you’ll know what you want once you’ll start creating your card, believe me.

Then, the most funny and difficult part of the card, the paper! Oh yes, the paper can be funny or horrible to choose, but don’t worry, there are a lot of examples and details of all the paper types you can choose on Aura Print here. And that’s why I loved creating my card on Aura Print, they don’t leave you with all the options without help, there are full detailed explanations to show you all the details of their options to help you decide what you like the most.

There was an option on Aura Print that I didn’t find anywhere else and I love it, having a Foil card! I love shiny things, so a card, with golden/silver letters is my dream come true… but don’t worry, you can have your card with black letters!

The touch of your card will depend on what type of paper you’ve chosen, so don’t worry, once you have decided the touch of the card, you’ll have almost everything ready before your last decision!
And for the last question, rounded corners, yes or no? I think this is the easiest of all the choices, yes or no? I like both, so, your choice!

Let’s be honest, choosing your design for your business card is not something you’ll do in 5 minutes, but maybe in 20! Don’t worry, what’s important when you are doing your card is that you trust the people who are doing it, and in Aura Print, I have all the support I want and help at every step of the way, I highly recommend you to try their page, I am sure you’ll find your dream card there! Ready?

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