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Her Little Secret by Julia Stone – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Her Little Secret by Julia Stone

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Rating: 3’5/5
Publisher: Orion Dash

About The Book

His therapist. Their love affair. Her Little Secret.
Cristina knows all about boundaries. As a therapist, it is vital that she keeps her clients at a professional distance.
Enter new client Leon: educated, charming, affluent — and newly bereaved, following the death of his married lover, Michelle. Cristina soon learns that Leon has an ulterior motive for approaching her: Michelle was one of her clients, and Leon is desperate for her insights into the woman he loved.
Moved by the depth of his feelings, Cristina is drawn to help him through his grief. But as she struggles to ignore her own growing attraction to sophisticated, attentive Leon, her boundaries start
to blur and then collapse, and the two embark on their own clandestine love affair.
But why does Leon switch so quickly from charm to criticism, attentiveness to distance? Can anyone truly be as perfect as he paints his beloved Michelle to have been, and what is hidden inside of her off-limits therapy file? Torn between her conscience and curiosity, Cristina is about to discover the truth is far beyond anything she could have imagined…

My Thoughts

Cristina is a therapist, she had a very difficult year, but now she is ready to work again and accept new clients and start living again.
So, when her first new client, Leon, starts his therapy, she will feel connected with his situation; the loose of something they loved and the need to continue with their life. Cristina knows that she is starting to feel too much involved with Leon’s situation but can’t stop seeing him. The main question will be, is Leon telling all the truth to her? Why would he lie?
This is a slow paced story; part of the plot is the story of Cristina and how is she dealing with her feelings. While we start seeing how she crosses the boundaries between client and therapist, even knowing the consequences, she can’t seem to stop doing it.
The book treats some very interesting themes; how the therapists have monthly talks with other therapists as a way to keep control of their work, the reminder that not everyone is grieving the same way and we all should do it in our own pace, without pressures.
It’s not difficult to discover from the first moment that Leon is hiding something from Cristina, but we can’t know for sure what. And Cristina is so overwhelmed with emotions and lust that I don’t think can see how dangerous is Leon and the situation she is involved with.
This is a book easy to read and to get lost between the pages; the story felt real and human.
Are you ready for “Her Little Secret”?

About The Author

Julia Stone is a psychologist, trainer, coach, and psychotherapist. She attended Faber Academy in 2017 and in 2018 won The Blue Pencil First Novel award.
Julia has a background in psychology and psychotherapy and has a passion for writing and the arts. She was born in London and has lived east, north and west but never made it south of the river. Several years ago she moved to the countryside and now lives in rural Suffolk with her partner and varying numbers of ducks, muntjac and moorhens.


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