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Curry Compendium by Richard Sayce – Blog Tour

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Curry Compendium by Richard Sayce

Genre: Cooking Book
Source: Team LitPR
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Misty Ricardo’s Curry Kitchen

About The Book

Richard Sayce, the man behind Misty Ricardo’s Curry Kitchen, does it again.Following his award winning two previous curry volumes, CurryCompendium is a hard back master piece for all those wanting to reproduce that British Indian restaurant style of cooking.Beautifully compiled with mouth-watering photography and additional images credited to many of the author’s social media devotees, this compendium is a book that will be revisited time and time again, not least for its top tips on scaling up recipes and innovative use of QR codes.Available for most recipes chefs in the making can simply scan the QR code with their smartphone and instantly watch the associated YouTube video.For all those hesitant to cook a curry from scratch let Richard Sayce show you the way. You won’t be disappointed. Curry Compendium is based on the two top selling paperback prequels Indian Restaurant Curry at HomeVolumes 1 and 2 which have collectively sold over 50,000 copies in three years. Both books won GourmandWorld Cookbook awards for the best UK self-published cookbooks.Richard Sayce has combined all the content from both these books into a quality hardback format, added a splattering of new recipes, and updated many of the photographs and illustrations.Inside the new book you’ll find an abundance of mouth-watering, delightfully easy to follow Indian restaurant recipes. These are all backed up with detailed and comprehensive informational chapters:everything you need to learn the art of curry cooking.Curry Compendium contains all you need to create your own restaurant quality food at home in your kitchen. Start saving a fortune on takeaways!

My Thoughts

I’ll start by saying that I didn’t discover Indian cuisine till I was older; in my natal city, it was not easy to find exotic food or restaurants, so when I tried the first time I didn’t like it at all! Not because it didn’t taste good but because it was too spicy! And I think this is possibly the problem to all the people that are not familiar with the Indian cuisine before they taste it.
This book is to help anyone in the discovery of this magnificent world; from the best pan to cook each dish to which mixtures of spices will taste better! With a very well explained introduction to the curry food, there are some delicious recipes to follow that will show you how delicious the curry is if you make it on your own!
I’ll admit that I wanted to make some of the recipes before posting my review to share my experience, but sadly I didn’t have the time to do it. As soon as I have the chance I will share my little disasters with you! But I don’t think you can do much wrong with this book, not only the steps you have to take are fully detailed but there’s a QR code on each recipe linked to a video to make the experience easier for anyone!
This is a book I’ll enjoy trying the different recipes and sharing time with my family in the kitchen! I think this is one of the best cooking books I’ve seen!
Are you ready for the “Curry Compe

About The Author

Richard lives in the North West of England and dedicates his ‘foodie’ time to cooking, recipes, social media, catering, and of course eating. A firm love of Indian food in both home and restaurant styles gives plenty of motivation to experiment and try out new recipes and ideas.His two previous books, Indian Restaurant Curry at Home Volume 1 and 2, have each won the GourmandWorld Cookbook award for bestUK Self-Published Cookbook, 2019 and 2020 respectively, and have sold many thousands of copies in the UK and abroad. His long-standing YouTube channel has over 40,000subscribers and over six million views.

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