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Cats Vs Pickles

I know I’ve been a little absent these past days; traveling has left me exhausted! But now I am feeling more like myself, so I have to talk a little about my latest discovery; Cats Vs Pickles. Maybe I am late to the party, but I’ve just discovered them on the BlogOn conference the past weekend!
So, let’s talk a little about these cuties; the range is quite extensive with sizes and colours. But, I always like the “surprise” fact, so, when I got my amazing BlogOn goody bag, I couldn’t wait to check what was inside!
Of course, I had a little helper in the opening process…
And I think that his face tells you how excited he was!!

Yes, we had a super cute swirly cat inside, and now my son can’t seem to live without him.

This cute plushies are not expensive at all, soft and with so many designs to discover that it will be impossible to anyone to not fall in love with them, believe me.

But these cute plushies don’t come alone, they come with an application included that you can download to your mobile and have hours of fun with it! Here are some images from the game

I have to say that we love our little Swirly and I can’t wait to find the Christmassy Cats vs Pickles range, is so cute! Because, who said that plush toys are only for children?? 😉


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