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The Monopoly Surprise

I think that everyone that listens to the word “Monopoly” knows perfectly what type of game we are talking about; a game of money and greed. Because let’s be honest, every time I play with friends/family we always get rough at the end! But then, you remember the time you were playing with a smile because you were playing with the people you love.

So, when I discovered the Monopoly Surprise by BasicFun, it was impossible to not buy one; to play and share with my son how fun playing Monopoly is. There are over 20 new tokens across 6 different collectible cubes made with cardboard. So, if you buy one of these pretty boxes you’ll find 4 surprises inside!

There are a few things that I was surprised with these boxes, the toys inside are made by metal, so they are sturdy and silver plated. Also, these are not simple tokens to keep in a locket, you can use them for your Monopoly board game, they are so cute.
So, let’s talk a little about the surprises you can find inside every box…

One coin, one Monopoly sculpture, one representation of the board game and one of the famous board pieces. Of course I was so lucky that I got the common ones…

But it doesn’t matter, I love them and they are already on my Monopoly board game to play this weekend!
And, let’s be honest, they are not “bad” ones, if you take a look at all the prizes you can “win” I love them all.

You can find the “Monopoly Surprise” on Smyths or Amazon, of course!


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