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How to Live in the Country by Tom Hodgkinson – Blog Tour

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How to Live in the Country by Tom Hodgkinson

Genre: Non Fiction
Publisher: Unbound
Rating: 3’5/5

About The Book

Originally published as Brave Old World in 2011, this handsome pocket edition has a new introduction by Tom and a foreword by actor Dominic West – a man who swallowed Tom’s advice whole and made the move back to the land. It is also illustrated throughout by artist Alice Smith’s beautiful black and white montages and drawings. Covering everything from bee-keeping, poultry rearing, pig farming, bread baking, wood- chopping, fire-laying, bartering, home-schooling and much more, How to Live in the Country is the perfect source of inspiration for old hands and beginners alike: useful, informative but also refreshingly honest and realistic.
Tom Hodgkinson draws on the wisdom of an eclectic range of thinkers and writers as he guides us through each month of the year, giving lists of tasks for both garden and animal husbandry,
offering tips and short-cuts, and weaving in stories about his own experience of raising a young family in rural Devon.

My Thoughts

This is a curious book, to enjoy but for sure not read in one stand!
It’s full of quotes, country stories and mistakes, of course.
This is an interesting country guide; with the author’s perspective and all the mistakes you could make if you are planning to move to the country.
I’ll admit that I was looking for something different; what to see each month of the year or some interesting recipes to try… But this book is more a helpful guide to get used to the country life; the animals/insects, the best logs for the firework… I am not saying I didn’t like it, simply I thought this was a colorful book with great ideas I could try. It doesn’t have many illustrations but it’s full of historical facts that I’ll share with my friends/family for a long time, I am sure.
I think this can be a perfect book for the family man that wants to move to the country or learn some interesting facts about it. 
I liked that the book is focused on each month; things you should do/not do, facts and historical information about them.
If you are looking for an original book to surprise you this Christmas, I am sure this can be a good hit.
Ready to discover “How to Live in the Country”?


About The Author

Tom Hodgkinson is the founder and editor of The Idler and the author of bestselling books including How to be Idle, How to be Free, The Idle Parent and Business for Bohemians. In 2014, after more than a decade in rural Devon, he and his wife Victoria Hull returned to London and established The Idler Academy, which
hosts literary events and offers online courses in academic and practical subjects including philosophy, calligraphy, music, business skills, English grammar, public speaking, dancing, drawing and self-defence.


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