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The Christmas Dress by Courtney Cole – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

The Christmas Dress by Courtney Cole

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: WmMorrowPB
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Amazon, Hive

About The Book

An enchanted Christmas dress brings two generations of women together for the magic of the season in this delightful holiday story from New York Times bestselling author Courtney Cole.
One Dress. Two Women. The Magic of the Holiday Season.
When hopeful fashionista Meg Julliard must return to her hometown of Chicago to manage her late father’s apartment building, she thinks her dreams of making it in the fashion business are over. Add in her father’s eclectic roster of tenants who all need Meg’s attention (ASAP!), a host of building related disasters, and a handsome handyman she keeps embarrassing herself in front of, and this has all the makings for the worst Christmas she’s ever had.
Ellie Wade, one of the building’s longtime residents, is also not feeling the Christmas Joy this year.
She is preparing to move into a nursing home (reluctantly), and is in the process of sorting through her belongings to downsize. Every corner of her apartment holds memories, some good, some bad.
But there’s one dress she hesitates to pack up as it represents both the best and worst night of her life.
Ellie and Meg strike up an unlikely friendship and the story of Ellie’s dress comes out. Ellie gifts the gorgeous dress to Meg, hoping that it will bring her more luck, on the condition that she wear it to the building’s Christmas party.
The dress magically fits, and while it eventually leads to the best night of Meg’s life, it also acts as inspiration for Meg to follow a life-long dream of her own, a dream that will help save the crumbling Parkview West, and restore it to its former glory, and keep it as a safe home for all of the current tenants.
The dress and the magic of the holiday season helps both Meg and Ellie find their own happy endings.

My Thoughts

This is a book of hope and love; to make us remember that Christmas doesn’t mean presents but being surrounded by the people we love and the hope that things will get better.
I don’t think that when Meg Julliard inherited the building from her father, she thought that her life would change so much. Because, as you can imagine, the building is old and it needs a lot of repairs, all the neighbours will need something from Meg and she will have to take care of everything… It will not be easy but maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel? On the other side we’ll meet Ellie Wade, with her story and magic dress…
I am not sure what I loved more about this book, the characters or the dress story. It was not difficult to become involved in the story wanting to know more about Meg and Ellie or the magical dress. Can something like a dress change the life of the ones that are wearing it? 
I loved how this story gives hope to the reader, yes, it’s fiction and you always want the happy ending, but who says that we all don’t deserve a happy ending too?
Magic is something you can believe in or not, but being honest, it doesn’t make the world a better place thinking that sometimes the things we never thought possible become accessible, like magic?
This had been a beautiful read, to make you dream and believe in the magic of Christmas.
Are you ready for “The Christmas Dress”?

About The Author

Courtney Cole is a New York Times bestselling author who loves eating her emotions for breakfast. She also loves witty banter, cashmere socks, and walking along the beach at midnight. Speaking of midnight, she decorates for Christmas at 12:01 a.m. on November 1. She believes that blond hair dye and red lipstick can change your life, and a well-timed smile can change the world.

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