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Kitchen-Witch Canisters by Don Moyer

I always check for new and original Kickstarter products, even if during the past months I haven’t shared anything, believe when I say there were a lot of interesting products to take a look. But let’s focus on the super original canister I want to share with you today, these Kitchen-Witch Canisters that will make your kitchen special and full of magic!

These canisters are decorated with a pattern that celebrates the kitchen witch—an ancient benefactor who helps thwart malevolent spirits in our homes. They are decorated in black and white on all four sides and the lids with these cute pattern…

They are heavy stoneware so they are food and dishwasher safe; the airtight lids with silicone seals preserve freshness. And they are available with three different sizes.

My only complain is that this project is only available for people living in US or Canada, so I’ll be only enjoying them in photos! 😦

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