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Scratch Art Pad by Abeec

After all the Christmas presents it’s quite difficult to think about buying another big toy to keep our little ones entertained, that’s why today I want to talk about an inexpensive pad that will make any little one (or big children) giggle and have hours of fun; the Scratch Art Pad by Abeec.

I am sure we’ve all have played with the colourful pads when we were young, I still remember doing them by myself, painting with colour crayons on the base and then covering everything with a thick black crayon; and then with a small needle draw or write crazy things on it to see the colours.
This little pad is the same idea, but you only need the pen to write on it, so more fun to draw on it and have beautiful and colourful little pieces of art without the hassle to have to pain all the background!
As I said, this is an inexpensive pad, right now, they are £5 pounds each; with 40 pages each pad to enjoy and to scratch tools to use in case you loose or break one! I have use this pad for a few days and we are still using the first scratch tool!

There are four different types of scratch pad; rainbow, gold, holographic and pink holographic. I really can’t say how the designs are showed on the other pads, but on the rainbow are shiny and super colourful! And there’s no age to use it, for young or adults.

So. If you are looking for something practical to make your little ones have hours of fun, this is a really good choice!

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