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One Step Too Far by Lisa Gardner – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

One Step Too Far by Lisa Gardner

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Penguin
Rating: 5/5

About The Book

A young man disappears during a stag weekend in the woods.
Years later, he’s still missing.
But his friends who were with him that day are still searching for him. Still hunting.
They hike deep into the wilderness.
With them is missing person specialist Frankie Elkin.
What they don’t know is that they are putting their own lives in terrifying danger, and may not come back alive…

My Thoughts

How to say it? I loved this book; the story, the characters and all the emotions that made me feel while I was reading it. A must read.
I’ll start by saying that this is the second book of the “Frankie Elkin” series; you can read it standalone but they are so good that I would highly recommend you to start from the beginning, they are worth every minute.
Frankie is not the standard woman, she is hunted by her own demons and the only way she knows to fight them is to search for missing persons; as a job but with no salary, only to help.
This case will be quite dark and twisted; a man who goes with all his friends to a mountain trip, the last trip as a bachelor; all the friends return but him. As you can imagine, the story is to discover what really happened to Tim, were his friends involved in the disappearance or were they innocent?
Frankie will arrive just the moment when a group of experts are ready to live for the last search mission; 5 years after; the friends, the father, and expert of the mountain, a Big Foot expert and a canine expert in finding bodies. But if a search party is not tragic enough, as soon as they start, hiking “accidents” start to happen putting everyone in danger and giving a clear situation that someone doesn’t want Tim to be found.
I loved the story, it was addictive, but what made this book so good is Frankie’s perspective, memories, flashbacks and point of view. Mature, brave and with a clear view that she wants to survive the excursion, but most importantly she really wants to find Tim. Will she succeed? You’ll have to read the book to know the answer!
Even if we just started the year, I know for sure that this will be one of my favourite books, amazing! 
Are you ready for “One Step Too Far”?

About The Author

Lisa’s latest novel BEFORE SHE DISAPPEARED, is available January 19, 2021. Meet Frankie Elkin, an everyday average woman who specializes in finding missing people. When the locals have given up, when the media has never bothered to care, Frankie takes on the challenge. Her latest mission has brought her to Mattapan, Boston to find a missing Haitian teen. Eleven months later, Angelique Badeau’s disappearance remains a mystery. What happened to the quiet, studious teen? Frankie learns quickly the dangers of asking too many questions, but that won’t stop her from discovering the truth behind what happened BEFORE SHE DISAPPEARED.

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