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Deception by Helen Forbes – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

Deception by Helen Forbes

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Scolpaig Press
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 3’5/5
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About The Book

Lily Anderson has it all. A beautiful son, a wealthy fiancé, and a luxury apartment in Edinburgh. But Lily is living a lie. Estranged from her family, she’s tired of covering up the truth about her relationship with Nathan Collesso.
Lily’s not the only one with troubles. Her friend, Sam, is being pursued mercilessly by a rogue cop determined to silence him. Living on the streets, Sam sees and knows too much.
As Lily’s wedding approaches, a desperate bid to escape leaves her with a head injury and a missing fiancé. Did she harm Nathan? Did she kill him? She can’t remember.
The net tightens, entangling Lily and Sam in a web of deception that stretches from Edinburgh to Poland. Hard truths come to light, and every decision Lily has made since the day she met Nathan Collesso comes back to haunt her.
One false move, and she could lose her son, her friends and her life.

My Thoughts

It’s not always easy to understand that there’s no life without human connections; someone you love, someone you hate… but you always have a personal connection with someone even if you don’t really know them.
This is a book about the connection between different characters; how their relationship changes their life for good or bad; childhood friends, brother/sister, work colleague, boyfriend… Also, how these connections can be toxic or healing, how with just one word from someone that cares about you or hates you can make you see your life totally in a different perspective.
I’ll say from the beginning that this book talks about difficult themes; abuse, rape… sometimes just thinking about the story makes my skin crawl, not easy to read but interesting how the characters try to survive their own problems.
Saying that this is the story of Lily would be a lie, because even though she is the main character, the story is not about her alone but also all the people that surround her; boyfriend, best friend, family-in-law… I am sure you can guess what they have in common apart from Lily, the lies; all the secrets they keep and are scared to be discovered. You’ll have to read the book if you want to know all the truth.
This is a multi-layered story, as I said, not always easy to read but easy to fall for the story and keep turning pages till the end.
Are you ready for “Deception”?

About The Author

Crime fiction was not what lawyer, Helen Forbes, expected to write.  As a single parent and mature law student, she used her limited spare time to write contemporary and historical Scottish fiction.  It was a chance remark at a writing club that led her to develop a short story into her debut crime novel, In the Shadow of the Hill, featuring DS Joe Galbraith. The novel is set in Inverness and Harris, and it was described in one newspaper review as having ‘more twists and turns than the road to the isles, making it impossible to put down.’  The novel and characters proved popular with readers, leading to the publication of a second book in the DS Joe Galbraith series. Madness Lies is set in Inverness and North Uist.  Helen has now taken to crime with a passion, and has published two psychological thrillers.
Unravelling is set in Inverness, against the background of a former psychiatric hospital. Deception is set in Edinburgh, and tackles the themes of domestic violence, prostitution and trafficking. Helen has also completed a further thriller set in Edinburgh, which she hopes to publish next year. Queen of Grime’s main character is a crime and trauma scene cleaner, with a big secret. It is gritty and dark, but also funny and uplifting. Helen hopes to expand Queen of Grime into a series.

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