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All That We Have Lost by Suzanne Fortin – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

All That We Have Lost by Suzanne Fortin

Genre: Romance
Publisher: Aria Fiction
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Papa always told us that to be brave doesn’t mean you have no fear.
It just means you can move forwards in spite of that fear.
2019. When Imogen Wren’s husband dies, she must realise their dream of moving to France on her own. She finds a beautiful abandoned chateau and starts to rebuild her life among its ruins. But she soon notices that the locals won’t come near. A dark web of secrets surrounds the house, and it all seems to centre on the war…
1944. Since the moment German troops stepped foot in her village, the sole aim of Simone Varon’s life has been to avoid them. Until one soldier begins leaving medicine bottles for her sick brother, and she gets to know the man behind the uniform. Then the Resistance comes calling, and she must choose between love and duty – with devastating consequences that will echo through the decades.
As Imogen restores the chateau, she’s determined to uncover the truth – and set to rest the ghosts of the past.

My Thoughts

War changes everything; people, communities and landscapes. So, my real question is, why is there war all the time in the world? Big or small country, every minute there’s a country that is facing it, don’t you think it’s time that we, as a society, say to the political power that it’s enough?
This book is about war, yes, but how it affected a small French community that was occupied by the German troops in 1944. Especially Simone Varon’s life, a young French woman who will see her life changing when meeting a German soldier.
But this story is told between two different timelines, 1944 with Simone Varone and the present, with Imogen Wren, who sees her life stopped after her husband passed away and wants to be happy again. So, she decided to buy a chateau in France, a dream she always had with her husband and maybe a way to start leaving again now alone.
I’ll start by saying that this is a bitter-sweet story, it will make you shed a few tears, possibly, but what war book doesn’t cause this? It’s a really beautiful story, impossible to put down and to fall in love with all the characters.
I loved the story of Simone, how she fights for what she thinks is true even if she has to put her life in danger. And in the present, how Imogen distrusts everything, can seem rushed, but I really understand her, she is still grieving and she is not ready to let anyone enter her heart, yet.
I loved this book, I read it in one sitting, beautiful and poignant, I’ll remember it for a long time.
Are you ready to discover “All That We Have Lost”?

About The Author

Suzanne Fortin writes women’s fiction dual-timeline and her first novel The Forgotten Life of Arthur Pettinger was released in March 2021. Her second book, All That We Have Lost, was released in October 2021.
Suzanne has also written mystery and suspense as Sue Fortin where she is a USA Today bestseller and Amazon UK #1 and Amazon US #3 bestseller. She has sold over a million copies of her books and been translated into multiple languages.


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