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Dead Drift by A. J. Hill – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

Dead Drift by A. J. Hill

Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Spellbound Books
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Born in West London, the middle of three boys, Andy won a scholarship to Lord Wandsworth College. He represented the school at most sports and also played rugby for Hampshire at Under 18 level.
After university, working life began with H. M. Customs & Excise, mostly on Mobile Task Force Units and Rummage Crews out of Southampton. He then moved to the Police as a beat bobby in Dorset.
He now works in property and lives in the South Downs, West Sussex. Often found at crime writing festivals and an avid reader, Andy regularly files reviews with the renowned crime fiction eZine Shotsmag.

My Thoughts

It’s not easy to pick your curiosity trying to discover the truth when you’ve been a police officer for a long time, even if now you are retired.
This is the story of Former Detective Inspector Jack Lunn, he is retired from the police force due to a physical injury but his drive of being a police officer is still there. So, when he finds a body, it’s impossible for him to stop asking questions to discern what has really happened, and knowing the victim makes it easier to get involved.
This is a story easy to enter and not being able to stop reading; it’s not only Jack that wants to discover the truth it’s you; who really wanted to kill his friend? Of course it will not be easy, as the police will not want him to investigate it but as the questions start popping you’ll want to know the truth too.
This is a character driven story; with rivalries between police and friends. It can be a bit complicated to discern who is telling the truth or lying to protect themselves.
This is a cozy mystery, to keep you guessing till the last page! Are you ready for the “Dead Drift”?

About The Author

Former Detective Inspector Jack Lunn is enjoying the quiet life.
Twenty years on from being medically retired from the job with Hampshire Police, he’s earned his quiet routine of long walks in the New Forest.
However, Jack’s peace is shattered when he discovers the body of a friend and local landowner while on a fishing trip.
Drawn into the investigation, he comes face to face with an old colleague, and the police investigation machine he thought he had left behind.
As family secrets are exposed and a reporter takes an interest, Jack and his partner’s eldest daughter Gemma, a former military intelligence officer set to work to uncover who killed his friend.
As the body count rises, can they both unravel the mystery before it’s too late, or will Jack’s life be sacrificed as just so much dead drift

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