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The Impulse Purchase by Veronica Henry

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The Impulse Purchase by Veronica Henry

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Orion Books
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Sometimes you have to let your heart rule your head . . .
Cherry, Maggie and Rose are mother, daughter and granddaughter, each with their own hopes, dreams and even sorrows. They have always been close, so when, in a moment of impulse, Cherry buys a gorgeous but rundown pub in the village she grew up in, it soon becomes a family affair.
All three women uproot themselves and move to Rushbrook, deep in the heart of Somerset, to take over The Swan and restore it to its former glory. Cherry is at the helm, Maggie is in charge of the kitchen, and Rose tends the picturesque garden that leads down to the river.
Before long, the locals are delighted to find the beating heart of the village is back, bringing all kinds of surprises through the door.
Could Cherry’s impulse purchase change all their lives – and bring everyone the happiness they’re searching for?

My Thoughts

I chose to read THE IMPULSE PURCHASE with my Aunt, but I would have loved to read it with my mum. The characters of Maggy, Cherry and Rose are inspiring multigenerational characters and the book got me thinking about the people I value in my life such as my Aunt and my Mum.
I have to say that I was always quite jealous of my friends when they had time to spend with their grandparents; sadly I never had this opportunity. But possibly that’s why I loved this story so much; how the three generations of women are so close and they had the chance to build something together, not only as a family but as friends. 
As you can imagine, neither of the main characters have a happy beginning, Cherry, Maggie and Rose have their own problems. But when they decide to move to Rushbrook and transform “The Swan” I am sure they didn’t expect it to change their lives forever, for good or bad… But, the good thing between these three women is the trust and friendship they share, of course they will not agree with everything and maybe this adventure will not have a happy ending. But they will try it and this will make them stronger as a person and as a family.
This had been an amazing read, it was impossible to not feel connected with the story or the characters and want them to have their dreams come true. Of course, the path is not easy, but sometimes, having someone on your side makes you stronger than you ever thought.
I highly recommend you to read “The Impulse Purchase” . It’s an astonishing story, believe me.

About The Author

I’m Veronica – otherwise known as Ronnie – and I’m delighted you’ve found your way here!
People often ask me what kind of books I write and it’s a very difficult question to answer in one sentence. Primarily, I love to take my readers somewhere they might like to be, whether a gorgeous house in the countryside or on a seaside clifftop. There, my characters go through the trials and tribulation of everyday life, embroiled in situations and dilemmas we can all relate to. Love is at the heart of it, but all kinds of love, not just romantic: the love of friends and family, or a place, or a passion for what you enjoy (food, wine and books, in my case . . .)
I have a background in writing television drama (Heartbeat, Holby City) so that has been an influence – creating lots of characters whose lives impact on each other. Working on The Archers I was taught ‘Make ’em laugh; make ’em cry; but above all, make ’em wait’!
I hope my books are beautifully written, uplifting and a little bit escapist. I’d love to know what you think, so do leave a review.A little bit about me: I live by the sea and head to the beach every day with my dog Zelda. I love cooking and discovering new restaurants on city breaks, with a bit of yoga to offset the calories – and I’ve just bought an e-bike. My biggest writing influences are HE Bates, Nancy Mitford, Jilly Cooper and any book that has a big rambling house and an eccentric family . . .

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