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The Psychopath by A.M. Edwards – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

The Psychopath by A.M. Edwards

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Red Door Press
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Eventually Leighton stops lecturing me, probably just to catch his breath. After our last encounter I can take it a bit better and am feeling more robust. I even manage to look at the artery increasingly protruding and pulsing in his neck as he spits venom at me. I wonder what it would be like to pop a pencil straight into it and watch it burst like crimson rain all over his office. I might enjoy that.
Meet Jez.
Jez is adulterous husband to Maxine, devoted father to Jamie, promiscuous lover, university professor, pro-vice-chancellor for research – and a serial killer aiming to get to the top by any means necessary.
His passion for murder parallels his love of music, and he matches each kill with its own special theme song to enhance the experience as he works towards assembling his very own top forty greatest hits.
When the vice-chancellor of lowly ranked Francis Drake University begins to sexually pester Jez’s mistress Bella, it accelerates his plans for domination. But will he get there?

My Thoughts

Reading a mystery book with a serial killer is not something strange or new, but imagine reading it by first hand, all the deep and troubled thoughts a serial killer has while is plotting the next murder. Welcome to “The Psychopath”, the story of Jez.
I have to say that I was surprised with this book, it’s not something I am used to reading or I would like to read in the future! Not because I didn’t like the read but because of how dark and twisted Jez’s thoughts were.
This is not really a book to feel connected with the character but to see how his mind works, he is in prison and is proud of it, he had killed someone and is not ashamed of it, on the contrary, thinks that they deserve it. Also, proud of being a psychopath, almost like he has the need to fulfill the meaning of the word.
I have to say that I really liked this book, how it challenges the reader, how it makes you empathize with the crazy character and try to not hate him. Sometimes it achieves the connection, but not for long, he is not an easy character!
I highly recommend to any crime lover to read this book; you can love or hate Jez but believe me, you’ll love the discovery!
Are you ready to meet “The Psychopath”?

About The Author

AM Edwards was born in Wantage, Oxfordshire and he spent most of his youth in the South of England. He subsequently gained undergraduate, masters and doctoral qualifications at Sheffield Hallam University in Yorkshire before commencing his academic career with the University of Reading in 1999. Since then, he has worked as an academic across the UK, New Zealand and Australia and is the author of the best-selling academic text Pacing in Sport & Exercise Science published by Nova Scientific. He had two young adult novellas published in 2014 and The Psychopath is his first adult novel.


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