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Playing for Love by Jeevani Charika

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Playing for Love by Jeevani Charika

Genre: Romance
Publisher: HQ Digital
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

About The Book

When Sam’s not working on her fledgling business, she spends her time secretly video-gaming. Her crush is famous gamer Blaze, and she’s thrilled when she’s teamed up with him in a virtual tournament.
But what Sam doesn’t know is that Blaze is the alter ego of Luke, her shy colleague – and he has a secret crush too.
Luke has a crush on Sam. Sam has a crush on Blaze.
How will this game of love play out?

My Thoughts

Sometimes a book is all you need to make you feel alive; this book did that for me; made me smile, hope, dream… I couldn’t stop reading it! I hope it will be the same medicine for you; a place to make you feel safe.
This is the story of Luke and Sam; they don’t really know each other, they only work at the same building. But fate has decided that their lives have to collide; but they are so different that they don’t really know what to think about each other. But both of them have a secret love, a love for gaming, and their alter egos will have to work together to win a big prize… will they be ready to share this secret part with the world? You’ll have to read the story to know more! I really loved this book; the characters and their story. How you can see them growing and feeling more confident while you are reading the book. I liked how different Luke and Sam are; both of them with their own business but with fears and not 100% confident on how to improve their lives. Also, it was really funny to see the game play; how they have to trust each other without knowing who they are talking to in reality. But online games are like this, you don’t know who is the real person behind the character you are talking to, it was really well detailed and interesting to read. 
Also, I liked how the author, Jeevani Charika, showed the reader how sexist the world is and that the only way to make some change is to step up and say something out loud.
I hope we’ll read more about Luke and Sam, I don’t want to think that this is the end for them, I want to know more! Are you ready for “Playing for Love”?

About The Author

Jeevani Charika writes women’s fiction and contemporary romances with a hint of British cynicism. (In case you were wondering, it’s pronounced Jeev-uh-nee.)
There’s a whole lot of other stuff she could tell you – but mainly: she’s a former scientist, an adult fan of Lego, an embarrassing mum, a part time geek (see ’embarrassing mum’) and a Very Short Person.
She also writes romantic comedy under the pen name Rhoda Baxter. So why the two names? Well… Jeevani writes about British-Sri Lankan main characters. Rhoda, not so much.

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