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The Sanctuary by Charlotte Duckworth – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

The Sanctuary by Charlotte Duckworth

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Quercus
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Four pregnant women. Three nights of pampering at an exclusive yoga retreat. One too many deadly secrets . . .
On a remote farm in the deepest Devonshire countryside, four pregnant women arrive at an exclusive yoga retreat for a five-star weekend of prenatal pampering. The location is idyllic.
Their host, Selina, is eager to teach them all she knows about pregnancy and motherhood. But, like Selina, each of the women has a secret.
And secrets can be deadly . . .

My Thoughts

Being pregnant or being a parent is not something you can take lightly; first the changes in your body for the pregnancy and after, all the changes that a new little person will make in your life. All of these things are scary, admit it, so if you discover a place to spend a few days to relax and try to focus on all the changes in your life, who will say no? You only need the money to pay the fee, of course…
In the beginning I was a little bit scared that this book was too focused on women and the pregnancy, but it’s really much more; tense but full of reality it was not easy to stop reading it!
All the themes discussed in the book are important for parents; men and women, any person that tries or wants to be a parent. I liked how the author threw the reader different themes without entering too much in them, but making the reader take a step back and think of what they are reading and decide their own thoughts on it. 
It’s quite difficult to love all the characters of this story, but it’s easy to understand their actions/thoughts; so, I don’t think the author attempts to empathize with all of them but show the reader that if you are convinced with your decisions and not damaging anyone with them, you should go ahead.
Of course this is a psychological thriller, there are twists and surprises with all the characters. Don’t expect an easy read, it’s a dangerous and dark read that will make you turn pages like crazy, believe me! Are you ready to relax at “The Sanctuary”?

About The Author

Charlotte Duckworth is the USA Today bestselling author of The Rival, Unfollow Me, The Perfect Father and upcoming novel The Sanctuary. She started her career working as an interiors and lifestyle journalist, writing for a wide range of consumer magazines and websites.
Alongside writing, she now runs her own website design studio.
Her debut novel, THE RIVAL, was published by Quercus in the UK and US in September 2018.Her second novel, UNFOLLOW ME, was published by Quercus in the UK in June 2019. It was published by Crooked Lane Books in the US in March 2020.
Her third book, THE PERFECT FATHER, was a USA Today bestseller, and a top 20 Kindle bestseller in both the UK and the US. It was published by Quercus in the UK in December 2020; and Mobius in the US in 2021.
Her fourth book, THE SANCTUARY, was published by Quercus in early 2022.
She lives in Surrey with her partner and their daughter.  


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