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The Lake Vyrnwy Killings by Simon McCleave – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

The Lake Vyrnwy Killings by Simon McCleave

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Stamford Publishing
Source: Edpr
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

A missing husband. A gruesome discovery. DI Ruth Hunter and her partner, DS Nick Evans, must decide if a local man is the victim of a Liverpool gangland hit.
Ruth and Nick are called to a gruesome discovery at the beautiful Lake Vyrnwy but have little to go on to identify the grisly remains. When a local man is reported missing, it seems that his links to a Merseyside gang might explain his disappearance. However, closer scrutiny seems to suggest that it might also be a domestic dispute that simply got out of hand.
When the man is spotted at various locations, Ruth and Nick must discover if he is on the run and hiding, or if there is a darker manipulation that could explain the sightings.

My Thoughts

Let’s be honest, reading a series for a long time makes you appreciate the characters and feel like family, so when you know that a new book has been published, it’s quite impossible to stay away from it!
This is the 11th book of Ruth Hunter, but don’t worry, you can meet her at whatever point you want, the books are always interesting and with real characters. The author always does an amazing job to tell you the small needed details for the new readers to not feel lost while reading. But at the same time, I would recommend you to start from the beginning, this is a character you’ll want to know and discover all her tricky cases.
I always love to read an intriguing read, in this case, some body parts had been discovered near Lake Vyrnwy, who could be the victim? Was it an accident that someone tried to cover or something much darker?
The mystery will keep you awake all night to have your needed answers, but at the same time, what makes this book so compelling are the characters, how they fit so well in the story and make it more real. 
If you are looking for a crime thriller to read, this is the one I would recommend you right now, worth every page! Also, please can I have the next book? Must needed after the ending….Ready for “The Lake Vyrnwy Killings”?

About The Author

Simon is a million selling crime novelist. His first book, ‘The Snowdonia Killings’, was released in January 2020 and soon became an Amazon Bestseller, reaching No 1 in the Amazon UK Chart and selling over 250,000 copies. His ten subsequent novels in the DI Ruth Hunter Crime Thriller Series have all ranked in the Amazon Top 20 and are Amazon Best Sellers. He has sold over a million books since 2020.
Simon is currently in negotiations to make the Ruth Hunter books into a television series.
Simon McCleave was originally born in South London. When leaving University, he worked in television and film development. He was a Script Editor at the BBC, a producer at Channel 4 before working as a Story Analyst in Los Angeles. He worked on films such as ‘The Full Monty’ and television series such as the BBC Crime Drama ‘Between The Lines’.
Simon then became a script writer for television and film. He wrote on series such as Silent Witness, Murder In Suburbia, Teachers, Attachments, The Bill, Eastenders and many more. His film, ‘Out of the Game’ for Channel 4 was critically acclaimed – ‘An unflinching portrayal of male friendship.’ (Time Out)
Simon lives in North Wales with his wife and two children.

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