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The Perfect Find by Tia Williams – Review

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

The Perfect Find by Tia Williams

Genre: Romance, Fiction
Publisher: Quercus
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

She’s finally found her soulmate. But he’s completely off-limits . . .
Former fashion editor Jenna Jones is forty, broke and starting over. Dumped by her fiancé and fired from her job, Jenna begs her arch nemesis, Darcy Vale, for a role at her new online magazine. Surrounded by digital-savvy millennials who all speak fluent Twitter, it’s soon clear that Jenna is in way over her head. And, to make matters worse, her ex has a new girlfriend.
But things get even messier, and a whole lot more interesting, when Jenna meets Eric Combs, the film graduate tasked with shooting her new web series. Totally gorgeous and completely off-limits, Jenna knows she should know better – but there’s something about Eric she can’t resist. And what is worth risking everything for, if not love?

My Thoughts

Do you believe in perfection?
I don’t, I think we all have faults and when there’s no fault, you should distrust it. So, when our main character, Jenna Jones, decides to return to work after her world crumbles around her, she knows it will not be easy. Working for her arch-enemy and surrounded by youngsters, she knows that she will have to work harder than ever to have a place in the fashion world. But, she also knows that the sparks that she feels for the young Eric Combs will not make things easier, but much more difficult. So… what she’ll do? Fall or resist the temptation? You’ll have to read this book if you want to know all the truth!
I started reading this book searching for something light and romantic, I couldn’t start a better book, “The Perfect Find”. It has all the ingredients to keep me smiling all the time.
Jenna is a character I loved and cherished, she had a fall out two years ago, and now she has decided to be very brave and return to the world that saw her falling down. I think that with this big step and having to ask for help from her “sweet” boss, makes her one of my favourite characters, I would love to be a little bit more like her. Because we all know that life is difficult but it’s nice to remember that you need to fight your own battles if you want to be respected. 
Also, it was impossible to not fall in love with Eric, he is young, but has a very bright mind and a clear head. He knows that starting something with Jenna will put both in a dangerous path, but sometimes temptation is too much to resist… don’t you think?
“The Perfect Find” is a little treasure that you’ll not want to end, ready?

About The Author

Tia Williams began her career as a beauty editor for magazines including Elle, Glamour, Lucky, Teen People, and Essence. In 2004, she pioneered the beauty blog industry with her award-winning site, Shake Your Beauty – and published her debut novel, The Accidental Diva. She went on to pen two young adult novels: It Chicks, and Sixteen Candles. Her 2016 bestseller, The Perfect Find, is being adapted for a Netflix film starring Gabrielle Union – and her latest novel, Seven Days in June, debuts in June 2021. Tia is currently an Editorial Director at Estee Lauder Companies, and lives with her daughter and husband in Brooklyn.


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