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The Hostage by Melinda Di Lorenzo – Review

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

The Hostage by Melinda Di Lorenzo

Genre: Thriller, Romance
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Rating: 3’5/5

About The Book

He was the last person she expected to save her life . . Air Force One meets The Fugitive with a thrillingly romantic spin in Melinda di Lorenzo’s gripping suspense novel.
Surviving the plane crash was the easy part.
After losing someone close to her, nurse Joelle Diedrich needs a change of scene. But stepping in as a last-minute medical escort on a prisoner transfer flight results in a bigger one than she bargained for.
Waking in the wreckage of a crash, Joelle swiftly gathers that no one else on the plane was what they seemed. And if she wants to make it out of this alive, she must place her trust in the only survivor who’s not trying to kill her: Beck, the convicted murderer who was being transported.
Fleeing with Beck presents more than one danger – not only that of simple survival across treacherous terrain, but by making Joelle a target in ruthless plot. As the threats multiply and Beck and Joelle grow closer, Joelle has to ask herself just how much she’s willing to risk for a man she’s just met, and figure out whether Beck will risk the same for her…

My Thoughts

When your life is in danger; who do you trust to survive?
Joelle Diedrich doesn’t like the new last minute assignment, escorting a prisoner… She doesn’t know who she is escorting or why she was picked, but from the first moment she arrives at the airport, something doesn’t feel right. So, when the plane crashes, who should she trust, the prisoner or the ones that have the guns?
I’ll admit that this is a read to disconnect and let the story to carry you; with adrenaline flowing in your veins and high chemistry between the two main characters, it’s not difficult to get abducted with the book.
Even if this is not a very long book, it has a detailed story of the two main characters; how they both arrive at the situation they are living in and how they should trust each other if they want to survive. As you can imagine it will not be an easy adventure, with a few surprises and twists between the pages it’s quite easy to not want to arrive at the end of the story.
If you are looking for a read to disconnect and fall in love, “The Hostage” is the one you are looking for, believe me! Ready for it?

About The Author

Creating happily-ever-afters, one page at a time!
Amazon bestselling author Melinda Di Lorenzo writes in her spare time – at soccer practices, when she should be doing laundry, and in place of sleep. She lives on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia, Canada, with her handsome husband and her noisy kids. When she’s not writing, she can be found curled up with (someone else’s) good book.

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