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The Secret of Karabakh by Fidan Bagirova – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

The Secret of Karabakh by Fidan Bagirova

Genre: Thriller, Action
Publisher: Lume Books
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
AmazonHive, Waterstones

About The Book

You are not who you think you are. Your future is not what you think it will be.
You are in danger…
Alana Fulton, the beloved only child of wealthy American parents, is bookish and passionate about the past. In the final stages of a PhD in archaeology at the University of Cambridge, Alana’s future is bright and assured.
Then comes the anonymous note: You are not who you think you are. Suddenly, everything in her life – including her sense of self – is under assault.
As Alana flees unknown pursuers and mounting danger, all that is familiar crumbles away. In time, it becomes clear to Alana why she’s being pursued; and she must ask herself where her loyalties and her future lie.

My Thoughts

Have you ever wondered where are you from and who your ancestors were? I am not talking about parents or grandparents but a little bit far away, how you ended up living in the country you are living in and the family that surrounds you…
This book is a trip through the past, the origins of the Karabakh and the war between two cultures. It’s a very interesting read, to discover new countries, history and to be aware of human greed. I’ll never be able to understand the need that humans have to go to another country and kill, destroy the culture simply because they want what they have. As I read a couple of months ago, we don’t need a virus to kill us, we do quite a good job by ourselves… 
This book tries to show us an interesting and adventurous way of the story between Azerbaijan and Armenians; sometimes painful and not easy to read. But an eye opening story to discover what’s really happening around us.
This has been an addictive read; since the beginning you want to know more about Alana Fulton’s past and why someone wants to kill her… It was quite impossible to stop turning pages, feeling the adrenaline rush and trying to know who is an ally/enemy before it’s too late.
If you are looking for a non-stop thriller with a very interesting background and full of action, this is your book.
Are you ready to discover “The Secret of Karabakh”?

About The Author

Fidan Bagirova is a writer, sculptor and multimedia artist. She was born in Geneva, to parents from Azerbaijan. They, like hundreds of thousands of others, lost everything during the Armenian invasion described in The Secret of Karabakh, and for Fidan, writing this novel has been a way of expressing her longing for the Azerbaijani people’s identity and stolen heritage.


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