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Six Wounds by Morgan Cry – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

Six Wounds by Morgan Cry

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Birlinn General
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5

About the Book

Daniella Coulstoun has recently moved to the Costa Blanca where she runs her deceased mother’s bar with the help of a dysfunctional group of expats. Things are going well until a pub brawl results in a dead body being discovered in the cellar. Unfortunately, the body belongs to a prominent London gangster, and the evidence against Daniella for his murder is piling up.
But Daniella has fought hard for her new life in the sun and she’s no quitter. She suspects the gangster’s rival, a psychotic bookie called Carl Stokes, is the real killer. As Capitan Lozano of the local police closes in, Daniella needs to nail Stokes for the murder and fast, because if she doesn’t, not only will she lose the people she loves, she’ll lose everything.

My Thoughts

Since the beginning I didn’t know how to classify Daniella Coulstoun; reckless or bold? She has decided to continue the business her mother had left her after passing away. A mother she didn’t see in years, and a business that is much more a hole of problems than a paradise… But now things seem to become more dangerous than ever; when a dead body appears in the cellar and everything points that Daniella is the killer. How can she clean her name and keep the weird bar afloat? A lot of questions pop up in my mind after just starting the read; why hasn’t she sold the bar? Why doesn’t she say plain and directly no to all the strange offers she receives? Why doesn’t she run away from all the trouble?
But, I have to say that I loved that this book didn’t present Spain as the perfect place for holidays; but more of a conflictive place where gangs can make their profit while the police close their eyes, seems more familiar to reality. And, it keeps my mind intrigued on how the story will unfold; because even if this is Daniella’s story, it’s impossible to not want to know a little bit more of the different owners of the bar and how they all become this “weird” family; also, now will be the best moment to show her support and try to find the truth!
This is the second book of the Daniella Coulstoun series, you can read it alone, but it’s not difficult to fall in love with the characters of this book and wanting to know more, just be advised! If you are looking for an action book with a lot of weird characters and a lot of sun. This is your read, believe me!
Are you ready for “Six Wounds”?

About The Author

Here, Gordon Brown is writing as Morgan Cry. Gordon has written six crime thrillers to date, along with a number of short stories. He also helped found Bloody Scotland, Scotland’s International Crime Writing Festival, is a DJ on local radio (www.pulseonair.co.uk) and runs a strategic planning consultancy. In a former life Gordon delivered pizzas in Toronto, sold non-alcoholic beer in the Middle East, launched a creativity training business, floated a high tech company on the London Stock Exchange, and compered the main stage at a two-day music festival. He lives in Scotland and is married with two children.


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