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Not My Child by Samantha King – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

Not My Child by Samantha King

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: HQ Stories
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Two mothers. One child. Who do you believe?
The playground is the last place I thought I’d see you. It was my Billy’s first day at school. It was supposed to be a happy one.
But then you turned up. I remembered you instantly from the hospital wing. Our babies born on the same day. Both premature. Both needing intensive care.
While Billy grew stronger day by day, your baby sadly slipped away.
But now you’re back with one devastating accusation… Billy isn’t my son at all, he’s yours.
And you’ve come to take him away.

My Thoughts

It’s funny how when we lie, we don’t only lie to the people around us but to ourselves too; thinking that the lies we are telling will never be caught and that we’ll be safe. 
This is a story about family and lies; twists and secrets. Ruth has a secret she has been hiding for years, now her life is threatened with it… how she will survive all the pressure and how many lies she will have to create to keep her family safe.
Just reading the title we “know” that Ruth’s son, Billy, is not hers, but who is really the mother? How is it possible that she has kept this secret for so long? Also, we know that at least there is one woman, Eve, who thinks that Billy is her son… and another one that Ruth is scared of what she might know. As you can see, there are so many questions just at the beginning of the book that it’s quite impossible to stop reading it. 
This is a compelling story, the need to know all the truth and how these women are connected; who is telling the truth and who is lying? Questions, questions… we need answers!
This has been a quick read, easy to enter the mystery and discover all the answers; with a lot of characters to follow and mystery links to discover, it’s quite an interesting read!
Are you ready to discover all the truth about “Not My Child”?

About The Author

Samantha King writes psychological suspense novels and lives in west London with her husband and two young children.
As an English graduate and lifelong bookworm, becoming an author was always Samantha’s dream. This passion for storytelling led her first to a career in publishing, managing a commercial fiction imprint for a global publisher. After fifteen years, she abandoned office life in favour of working from home as a freelance editor for various publishers and literary agents.
Samantha has always loved books that explore the hidden depths of the heart and mind, and she decided to satisfy her growing interest in human psychology by qualifying as a psychotherapist. This deepened her fascination with the hopes and fears that make people tick, which again reawakened her writing ambitions. Working around – and inspired by – a busy family life, she finally sat down and wrote her debut novel, THE PERFECT FAMILY.
Samantha writes in a hut at the end of her garden with a very affectionate Cavachon dog for company.


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