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The Chirk Castle Killings by Simon McCleave – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

The Chirk Castle Killings by Simon McCleave

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Stamford Publishing
Source: EdPR
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Ruth and Nick are called to a fatal shooting at Chirk Castle, a well-known tourist spot in North Wales. The only witness to the murder is Daniel, the ten-year-old son of the victim. Ruth discovers that the victim was a small-time drug dealer and it seems that his killing might be linked to stolen drugs. However, when a local girl is also brutally murdered, Ruth has to change the focus of the investigation as it is clear that the murderers will go to any lengths to cover their tracks.
With the case now faltering, Ruth begins to suspect that the key to solving the murders actually lies in Daniel’s early childhood. Can she unlock the dark secrets of Daniel’s past before the killers catch up with him?
The Chirk Castle Killings is the twelfth book in the DI Ruth Hunter Murder Case Snowdonia series. If you like chilling police procedurals, true-to-life characters, and psychological twists, then you’ll love Simon McCleave’s page-turning thrill ride.

My Thoughts

Don’t you love it when the book you are reading is based somewhere you know or you are visiting? This time, the book is based in North Wales, exactly where I’ve been staying with my family! So, even if I would like to be involved in a crime, it made the story more realistic and interesting to read, like being part of the book!
But don’t be confused with a happy story, this is a dark and twisted book to make you fear for the characters life and wonder what type of life we are living when someone is ready to kill a young boy.
This is the new case of one of my favourite detectives; DI Ruth Hunter and DS Nick Evans. They always have the darkest cases to investigate but they are never afraid to take risks to discover the truth and put the killer to prison. In this case, a fatal shooting at Chirk Castle will not seem a difficult case, only will have to protect the main witness… He knows more than he says and his life will be threatened until they catch the killer. But don’t worry, this is the 12th case of DI Ruth Hunter, so believe me when I say that he is in very good hands.
I have to say that I really enjoyed this read, it kept me awake at night and made me visit different places while enjoying a twisted read. Worth a read, believe me! Are you ready to discover “The Chirk Castle Killings”?

About The Author

Simon McCleave is a bestselling crime novelist who has achieved over a million sales in just over two years since his debut The Snowdonia Killings was published in January 2020. Simon worked in film and TV for many years, including as a Story Analyst in Los Angeles and a Script Writer on some of the UK’s most loved TV series including Silent Witness, Midsummer Murders, Teachers and The Bill.
Originally from South London, Simon moved to North Wales with his family over fifteen years ago and retraining as a teacher, spending ten years teaching English and Media in a North Wales secondary school before becoming a full-time writer. The Snowdonia series will be filmed as a major new TV series filmed in North Wales in 2023. The first in his new series, The Dark Isle set on the Isle of Anglesey (Avon, May 2022), topped the UK Kindle Chart and was chosen as Waterstones’ Welsh Book of the Month.


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