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Star Stuff-ies by Emily Fischer

Who says that plushies are only for children? I love them and I have a cute Miffy and Eelephant on my bed every day! So, I couldn’t resist to take a look at these cuties Star Stuff-ies created by Emily Fischer.

Star Stuff-ies are patterned like vintage heirloom toys. They’ve developed a own pattern-making techniques by researching crafting books stretching back over 150 years. The resulting Stuff-ies are unique and unlike most commercially available stuffed animals.
Star Stuff-ies are made from 100% cotton and stuffed with a certified recycled polyfill. This recycled fiber or “rPET” is a material sourced from plastic bottles that would otherwise enter the waste stream.

Star Stuff-ies are a bit naive and self-aware. They have more in common with the precious vintage toys our grandparents grew up with. Each design is densely embroidered in silk thread. They are about the size of a loaf of bread – big enough to cuddle, small enough to accompany any decor. Star Stuff-ies are meant for grownups and kids alike.

Each design in the collection coveys the characteristics of its star sign, and will come paired with a special birthday tag that lists its associated astrological traits.
So, if you want to buy one of these cuties, run, this is a special project on Kickstarter and I am sure that they will run out quickly, don’t you think?

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