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Disney Crystal Art by Craft Buddy

When do you start planning your Christmas presents? Early bird or last minute?
I have to admit that I always start thinking them at the end of August, mainly because I have a lot of family and I always try to make something for them by myself. And, as you can imagine, making them takes much longer than going to the shop to buy them!
So, this year, apart from giving some of my creations I decided to do the gift labels with the Craft Buddy Disney stickers!
Have you tried doing “Crystal Art”? You can find from big pieces of art to small stickers to do; as you can imagine, I prefer small stickers, they are quicker and for me much useful to do!
So, if you wonder if you need anything to start your own Crystal Art piece, the answer is just one box! It comes with everything you need to build your creations; you only need to chose your favourite design and start creating.

I love Craft Buddy brand because there’s a lot of Disney products to create; from stickers to clocks! And believe me when I say that there are so many cute designs to choose that I had to buy two because I couldn’t only pick one! So, yes, this is the first one, cute Christmas Disney stickers; with all your favourite characters to create and colour with small little crystals. When you have chosen the design you can start, you only have to chose the little bags that have the same number of your design. In my case there were 10 different crystals, including a few shiny and transparent ones! Also, there’s a reference list with all the crystal colours and how many are of them.

Then, you just have to start “picking and glueing” them; don’t worry, the part on the top is sticky to help the crystals get glued…

And here is the final design!

Of course I couldn’t let this cute Pluto stay lonely with this white background and I decided to make a cute Christmas label with it. So, what do you think? Would you like a present with this shiny label?


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