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It’s been years since I shared with you, my followers, my crafty things. Not because I totally stopped making them, but because I wasn’t really proud of what I was doing and/or wasn’t anything of relevance to share. Lately, I’ve started doing crafty things again; drawing and also sewing!
When I was living in Newcastle (more than 7 years ago) I was printing my own images in fabric and sewing them in some handmade tote bags. I loved doing them and choosing the images to print, I have to say that it was a really fun activity; the ink, the waiting time to know if the photo was okay and then the drying time! Sadly, the ink I was using was a little bit nocive and I didn’t want to use it while I was pregnant, so I stopped making the bags. The first years with my son were a little bit complicated, alone in a foreign country and without any family to rely on in case of need. So, it made me stop doing any crafty things, I was taking care of my little one while I was grieving my mum’s death.
Last year, more or less during this same period I started doing some challenges from @penandinkchallenge on instagram, doing some doodles with the themes they choose each week. The themes they proposed were fun and the prize was every week a fountain pen or fountain pen ink. So, the truth is that I couldn’t resist taking the chance and trying some doodles, if they were good enough to win… And it seems that they liked it so much that they chose one of my designs one week to win a gorgeous fountain pen from Conklin, and apart from that I’ve been twice the invited guest to their weekly challenges, choosing myself the drawing themes!

But I didn’t stop there; with the weird “doodles” I started doing for the @penandinkchallenge, I started “drawing” my own photos… starting from the “Gaillimh Cathedral”! 

I’ve printed some of the photos in tote bags for my son’s teachers and tried to sell them in shops around Galway, and you know what? It seems that people liked them!

So… I decided to take a little step further and print them in fabric… and try to do something with it. For now this is simply the first try… I am planning to make a cushion for my home. I think it’s time to have some of my creations at home and not give them away. Don’t you think?

Right now, I am waiting for a second batch of printed tote bags with the Gaillimh design and with the famous “Blackrock” from Bóthar na Trá.

I promise that I’ll keep you all updated with the new creations and when I open my Etsy shop! 😉


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