Halloween is an event I’ve never celebrated; for us it’s called “La Castanyada”, here is a post I talked a little about it from a while ago. But now it’s been years that I’ve been living outside Catalonia, 10 to be more exact; so I have to admit that I am starting to celebrate more and more Halloween and make it ours. So, when this past weekend I when to London, I couldn’t resist to buy some luscious bath bombs from Lush, of course Halloween themed!
The range is more extensive than these two bath bombs; you can find hair soap, hand soap, wraps, candles… but what I really wanted to try were the bombs, I was lucky to be in a hotel with a bath, so I couldn’t resist to take a relaxing time with a book and some silence for me. As you can imagine it was much needed.

My first try was the Punkin Pumpkin; it had cinnamon, orange and lime fragrance. It has a bright and shiny orange colour, and when I put it on the water it maintaned the force and the colour for a long time!

I have to say that I still have to try the I Want My Mummy one; I hope this weekend I’ll have some spare time and enjoy it… πŸ˜‰ It has a caramel smell and makes all my clothes so yummy! And let’s admit it, the mummy is really, really cute. πŸ˜‰

I don’t usually use bath bombs, mainly because I don’t have time to spend relaxing in a bath, but after having some me time in London these four past days. I’ve discovered that once a week I should take at least one hour for myself. It really doesn’t matter if I am bathing or simply taking a walk, but I think it’s much needed as a woman and a person to have a time to be alone.