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Challenge Mechanics Geomag Strike!

First of all, I have to admit that I am a big fan of the Geomag products, they are high quality products with 100% trust that you’ll have fun playing with them. I love that their new products are made with 90% recycled plastic without affecting the quality or the fun with their games; they only make them better!

So, let’s talk a little bit about the Mechanics range that combines the forces of magnetism with a world of mechanical construction, to stimulate creativity, inventiveness and ingenuity. In addition to the classic magnetic rods and steel spheres, Geomag Mechanics adds mechanical elements within the constructions, expanding the play possibilities: some parts of the structures are able to rotate, triggering chain reactions from the magnetic attraction and repulsion.
I know that this can sound really technical, but the only thing you should know is that it’s an amazing way for children to learn about physics and construction without even noticing and having a lot of fun.
This is a game recommended for 7+ years old, and you can play with younger children, but you’ll have to help them mount the game and it’s a little tricky to fit the ball on the basket for the younger ones.

The game comes in a big cardboard box; perfect to keep the whole pieces without the need to dismantle them every time, after you finish playing. Inside the box you’ll find all the pieces you need, a box with the metal balls, the instructions to mount the game and the board game.

It’s not difficult to mount it if you’ve played with other Mechanics games, you should be careful with the position of the green pieces, they are the important ones. My son loved to mount it, but I had to change a few greens because they were backsided!

Once it’s mounted, it comes the funny part; not the easy part, because believe me when I say that it’s not easy to win, but it’s really fun! The main part of the game is to throw the ball into the little basket to make the big part start moving, so the faster the part moves, it is easier to make the towers fall down. So, you have to keep scoring to win the game!

If you want my honest opinion, this is one of the best games we’ve tried, you don’t have to think about playing it, but laughs and misses will be usual! I think this game should be advertised for children and adults, because believe me when I say that it will not be only the youngsters who will have fun!
You can buy it here on Amazon.

This game was gifted but the opinions are mine.


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