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Make Your Own Periscope by Kikkerland – Product Review

Which is the best way to keep our little ones away from screens? With original and creative games, they don’t have to be expensive or big, only to make our little ones dream and have an amazing time.
So, when I discovered that one of my favourite stationery brands, Kikkerland, also has a toys range, you can imagine I couldn’t resist trying them!

I chose the Periscope, my son has been asking for one for months, so it was an easy choice!
The box comes in cardboard, so perfect to re-use to do some more crafts with the little ones. Also, the instructions to mount it are on the backside, no other papers need to be included in the package. 

Everything you need to build the periscope is inside, also made with cardboard; except the mirrors! The periscope will allow your little ones to be as creative as they want, to decorate it or leave it as it is! 
We decided to paint it, some watercolour paint and let it dry for a little.

To mount it, you’ll need glue and possibly an adult to perfectly fit the pieces, but I can assure you that it’s a quick assembler and with any type of white glue it will be perfect!

I let it dry for 24 hours, of course my son was touching it all the time, but this only meant that he was really excited to play with it!

I don’t think this is a toy that needs rules, only to let the little ones run on the house and the garden looking at the different perspectives!

Of course if your children are interested in science this is the perfect excuse to make them learn a little about physics, but it’s not mandatory! The important thing is that any one that uses it has a great time, and I can assure you that it will not disappoint you. It’s sturdy and will resist a few clashes, a toy that will survive in nature, believe me!


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