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The Pain Tourist by Paul Cleave – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

The Pain Tourist by Paul Cleave

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Orenda Books
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

James Garrett was critically injured when he was shot following his parents’ execution, and no one expected him to waken from a deep, traumatic coma. When he does, nine years later, Detective Inspector Rebecca Kent is tasked with closing the case that her now retired colleague, Theodore Tate, failed to solve all those years ago.
But between that, and hunting for Copy Joe – a murderer on a spree, who’s imitating Christchurch’s most notorious serial killer – she’s going to need Tate’s help … especially when they learn that James has lived out another life in his nine-year coma, and there are things he couldn’t possibly know, including the fact that Copy Joe isn’t the only serial killer in town…

My Thoughts

Layers and layers of twists and intriguing characters; impossible to stop reading and also impossible to discern who could be the killer!A very addictive read for all crime lovers!
Can you imagine seeing your parents killed in front of you and receiving a bullet in the head at the same time? This is what happened 9 years ago, where James Garrett was injured and no one expected him to survive. Now, he has awaken from coma and everyone hopes to solve his father’s murder…
But, as you can imagine it will not be as easy. Also, our main character Detective Inspector Rebecca Kent is investigating a serial killer’s crime’s, where the killer is copying some famous murders.
You may wonder what could relate these two different cases together… this is a spoiler I would not reveal! But, believe me when I say that it’s worth the ride!The story is told between different timelines, not to get you confused but to share the full situation with the reader. And I have to say that it’s not difficult to follow but interesting to read, I just keep turning pages!
This is a book to make you guess, to make you trust and distrust each one of the characters in it; to make you think. But who doesn’t love a book to make you plot your own story before reading the big reveal? I love to!
If you are looking for a book to keep you intrigued from the first moment, this is your book, believe me.
Are you ready to meet “The Pain Tourist”?

About The Author

Paul Cleave is an internationally bestselling author who is currently dividing his time between his home city of Christchurch, New Zealand, where all of his novels are set, and Europe, where none of his novels are set. His work has been translated into fifteen languages. He has won the Ngaio Marsh award for best crime novel in New Zealand, he won the Saint-Maur book festival’s crime novel of the year in France, has been shortlisted for the Edgar Award and the Barry Award in the US, and shortlisted for the Ned Kelly award in Australia. When he’s not writing, he spends his time swearing on a golf course, swearing on a tennis court, or trying to add to his list of 25 countries where he’s thrown his Frisbee.


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