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The Christmas Express Game by Cheatwell Games – Product Review

The weather is changing and this only means that winter is coming, with it also comes one of my favourite time of the year, Christmas!
What’s the best way to prepare for Christmas? Don’t say pairing jumpers! For me, the best way to enter to the Christmas mood is sitting on the table with my family and play some board games! So, I was delighted to discover the “Christmas Express Game” by Cheatwell Games.

The game core is a race to the North Pole with a train; but remember that this is a race, be prepared for moody elfs and tricky cards because the one who arrives first, wins the race! Of course, be prepared to encounter some difficulties during your trip… naughty elf, snow storm, slippery paths… But, the reward is arriving at the North Pole to meet Santa, so I think the trip is worth the risk, don’t you think?

The truth is that it’s really easy to set up and to play, there are not difficult rules or needing a lot of pieces to play, only simple characters who will be your token to move around the board. There are some cute Christmas characters to choose, so believe me when I say that the first race will be choosing your favourite one first! Once you have the chosen character, you only have to start the race, taking cards and running through the board! It will be your luck (or bad luck) and also a little bit of strategy which will make you win.

This is a game for 6+; you can play with little ones, but I don’t know if they will understand the tricky Christmas themed cards that can be found… Also, it’s for 2 or more players, but I can say that with just 2 it’s really fun, so don’t worry!

This board game is sturdy and perfect for little hands; it will resist a lot of races for a long time, believe me!

So, the only recommendation I have while you are playing “The Christmas Express” is to make some yummy hot chocolate to enjoy while you are taking this special trip, because you’ll feel surrounded by Christmas from the moment you start.
Are you ready to take the best trip this year through the Christmas Express?

This game was gifted but the opinions are mine.


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