The Main Advantages Of MDF Skirting Boards

If you’re looking to replace, or simply get some new skirting boards, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed by all the choice and variety available these days.
Do you go for MDF, hardwood such as Oak, or softwood such as Pine? Then there’s the style to decide on. For something so small, it can leave you feeling in a daze.
The skirting boards you choose can make a big difference in the look and feel of a room.
However, did you know, they can also have a huge impact on the heat preservation of a room as well.
Skirting boards are great at blocking off any gaps between the walls and the floor. Meaning no nasty cold drafts can sweep down and make your home feel colder than it should.
With the help of Skirting World, here are some of the reasons why choosing MDF skirting boards might be the best choice for you.

Looks Great Painted

MDF skirting boards are the ideal option if you intend to paint your skirting boards. They often come with a base coat on them already so all you have to do is give them a quick lick of paint and they’re good to go!
Plus, they aren’t the prettiest of things when they’re left unpainted – so they do need a coat of paint. Unlike the hardwood or softwood alternatives that don’t have to be painted, MDF looks so much better painted!

The Cheapest Option

MDF skirting boards are the best option to go for if you’re on a tight budget, or have to make cuts somewhere in your project.
Made in bulk, and widely available, MDF skirting still does the job, at probably round half the price of it’s 100% wooden counterparts.

Made To Last

MDF skirting boards are engineered to last well. They’re durable, tough and made to out last you and your home.
Also, MDF skirting boards are much less likely to warp, expand or contract in different temperatures over time – unlike the solid wood alternatives.

Moisture Resistant

MDF skirting boards these days are generally moisture resistant. This means you shouldn’t have to replace them, even if you use them in your kitchen, bathroom or utility room where they may be more moisture.
This also makes them easier to clean as you can use a damp rag without having to worry if they’ll warp overtime.

Available In Various Sizes & Styles

These days, MDF skirting boards are widely available many different shapes and sizes.
Buying in large lengths will generally be the cheapest way to buy them, for you to then cut down to size in your home.
However, please note, it’s likely you will need to angle the edges, so get in a professional if you aren’t confident in doing this yourself (or buy them pre-cut to size).

Easier To Handle

Unlike many hard and softwood skirting boards, MDF is much easier to handle and cut to size. After watching some YouTube videos, you should be able to deal with MDF yourself.
However, a hard or softwood skirting boards is one for the professionals to deal with.


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