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Slam Dice Words by Cheatwell Games – Product Review

I’ll start by saying that I am reviewing this game as a mother, as a game to play with my son, to keep him entertained when travelling, so that we learn and play at the same time. I don’t know if I would buy this game if I didn’t have children, mainly because I always prefer board games and if I am travelling alone I always read!

So, having said this, I loved the Slam Dice Words by Cheatwell Games! My son’s first choice when we travel is to put it in his backpack, and take it when we take a short or long trip. Or even on rainy days, this is the game we always know he would have time to play.
And, let’s be honest, it’s a simple and pocket game. With 3 dice inside in a vase that can be wrapped; I don’t ever think how many hours of happiness we would have with it!

The three dice inside have a letter on each side of the dice, so, in total there are 18 letters that can randomly be chosen when you throw the tumbler. And that’s really all the game; you have 3 letters and you have to say words with the 3 letters. 
For example, if these are the letters that popped out…

These are the “official rules”; I’ll have to say that they are not really the ones we play. My son is only 6, so we choose only 1 of the letters and I always write down the words we are saying, this way my little one learns to spell the words correctly and at the same time discovers new words! So, it’s a win-win.
If you would ask my real opinion about this game, I can only say that I love it. Also, it’s perfect because you can put it anywhere as it’s really compact but you can have hours of fun with it.
For me, it has been a great discovery and it has been travelling with us to Germany, UK, Ireland and Catalonia these last months, not because of me but because my son loves it.
If you are looking for an inexpensive game to learn and have fun to buy for a kid or adult, I would highly recommend you “Slam Words”.


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