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Metro Domino, London Station by Tactic Games – Review

I am weird, it is something I know, accept and say with pride. I love trying things that maybe someone else will not pay attention to, but for me they look special and amazing. That’s what happened with the original “Metro Domino” by Tactic Games; a game that maybe everyone will think of as typical and traditional, but for me it has a brightness and excitement that other games don’t have!

So, let’s talk a little bit about this special board game called “Metro Domino”, first of all, the domino pieces are the ones that we all know, black and white, heavy on your fingers and sturdy to resist any little hands! But, want to know what’s the best part? It comes with a super cute train to keep you pieces tidy!

First of all you should put the “starter station” and decide who will be the first player, in our case, our little one, of course!
Once you decide who will be the first player, it’s time to decide which underground you want to use, because you can only have 3 lines open during the game!  

Every station has a special rule; the number of pieces you can put and what type of pieces you can use! For example, there’s one that you can’t use doubles, or that you can use more than one piece in your turn…

Every station has 2 lines and each line has a number of pieces that you can put; the last one to put the piece has a point. The person that has more points is the winner!
I know that reading it like this can seem a little bit complicated, but believe me, it is not, it’s really fun and quick to play! So, here is a little sample to show you how it works…

My little one is 6 and asks to play with it every day, so believe me, it’s fun, perfect to have some happy family time!


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