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Candy Vending Machine by Thames & Kosmos – Product Review

This year my search for the “perfect” gift for my son was quite extensive and it took me hours! But, I think that after seeing my son’s happy smile while he was opening the presents, it made my search worth it.
I was looking for a present for him to play and learn at the same time, something that he would use day after day and that he would not get bored with. Also, something that would teach him STEM without being dull or repetitive. And, I have to say that the “Candy Vending Machine” by Thames & Kosmos ticks all the things without being expensive and it is the winner of various prices too!
Let’s start, the Candy Vending Machine is a piggy bank, where you put your little coins and can have a reward for doing so!
It’s a little bit tricky to mount for a 6 years old child alone, but it’s already written in the box, so be advised. But, the machine is sturdy, well done and funny to mount together with your little one.

Once you have the red machine mounted, you have to plan your tricky maze to make your coin fall for it! I think this part is for kids a little bit older than mine, but he loved designing ours and I am sure he will change the pieces soon. Depending on where you put the pieces it even can ring a bell!

The only problem we got is that we don’t live in the USA, so our coins didn’t fall on the correct holes… but lucky for us, we had some spare coins from our last trip there! So, we don’t use it as a piggy bank, the truth is that it was not our plan, but a way to teach my son rewards. When he’s been good and done the homework, he gets a coin and puts it on the machine.

I don’t use the candy, even if this is a “Candy Vending Machine”, it was never our plan, we put some paper with the written rewards; from a kiss/hug to a Pokemon package or an ice-cream. Not big rewards, only little surprises that will make him smile and happy! And of course wanting to eat/help/do the homework without complaints!

This is an amazing toy; I would recommend it for 7 years old and plus and I think it will be at home for years, believe me!


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