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Cat Outdoor Sling Bag by MiMiCustomClothingCat

There’s a story about my mum and I that I haven’t shared… we had a cat, a sweet and lovely cat called “Bolet” (mushroom). My mum made a pact with one of her friends that will adopt him, but when the time arrived she said no. 
I knew that he had some kidney problems, so when my mum passed away I wasn’t sure if he could resist the trip to Ireland. Also, I was pregnant and the landlord didn’t accept cats. So, I had a difficult decision in my hands, to give our cat to an animal shelter, knowing that being ill would not be adopted easily or searching for someone that would adopt him from my friends/family. I was really lucky that one of my best friends that already had a cat accepted to adopt him! My little cat has been living with my best friend for the last 7 years; he has been loved, cared for and spoiled but this past December sadly passed away.

I suppose you are asking yourself why I am telling you this, it’s because I saw this super cute Sling Bag by MiMiCustomClothingCat to take the cat outdoors, he would have loved it! This pet sling is designed for daily use such as walking, hiking, traveling, and all outdoor activities, suitable for small pets!

It provides you extreme softness and comfort and it has one pocket that will keep you handsfree!

So, if you want to take a walk with your little pet, you should take a look at these amazing bags! 😉


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