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Royalty Cats by Galina Bugaevskaya (Cat Universe)

I love these cat dresses that the artist Galina Bugaevskaya has created! What do you think? The source is Modern Met.

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Cabletica Advert, Some Filters Are Not Enough

Let me say that this is a funny advert, from Cabletica, but at the same time so true! There are some filters that are not enough to protect our children from the TV programs, so we should be careful what they are watching!Credits:Advertising Agency: Jotabequ Grey, San José, Costa RicaCreative Director: Ronny VillalobosCreative Supervisor: Allan… Continue reading Cabletica Advert, Some Filters Are Not Enough

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Where there’s fab, there’s fun!

This is a quite funny advertising, if you have a Fab, no matter how bad is the situation, you'll have fun! ;)Credits:Advertising Agency: Isobel, London, UKCreative Partner: Rob FletcherCreative Directors: Ben Stump, Simon FindlaterAccount Partner: Jamie WilliamsAccount Manager: Juliet CornickPlanning Director: Sarah SandfordDesigner: Chan SpencerPhotography / CGI / Retouching: Carioca StudiosProduction Company: JSRThe source is… Continue reading Where there’s fab, there’s fun!