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Yoga For Kids by Susannah Hoffman

First of all I would like to thank DK Books UK for this amazing prize, a great book with a Yoga mat to make my little one start loving Yoga and have some fun while he is doing it! I have to say that I loved this book, Yoga for Kids by Susannah Hoffman, is not… Continue reading Yoga For Kids by Susannah Hoffman


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Immune System Exhibition by Meji

This is a very interesting exhibition, about our Immune System by a Japanese brand, Meji.Immune system - it is essential for our healthy life. However, it is a recondite theme therefore hard to approach. As you cannot see it and it is in your body, only few people know about it. Thus, we challenge to… Continue reading Immune System Exhibition by Meji

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Eat Right by VLCC

Today, people live to eat. In such times where there is widespread obesity and the number of diseases increase with people’s age, we decided to sensitize people about their unhealthy eating habits. They showed people the unhealthy parts of their regular diet and replaced them with more wholesome food options that they could move to.VLCC… Continue reading Eat Right by VLCC

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Day 4 – #MatchaChallenge by Teapigs

Mmmm... today I am not feeling so energised as yesterday, I suppose it is because yesterday I was awake till late reading a book, quite interesting if you ask me!That's why today I will not share a very original recipe, just an easy but very effective and tasty way to enjoy your Teapigs Matcha, with… Continue reading Day 4 – #MatchaChallenge by Teapigs